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Social Securiy Group Numbers

The Social Security Administration has chosen the first three numbers of each issued SSN(Social Security Number) with the zip code of the relevant application since 1972. The middle two numbers in a SSN are known as group number, which can range from 1 to 99 in optional order. And the info that only the given range of group numbers have been assigned according to the area number can help determine the validity of a SSN. The last four numbers are the serial number which can range from 0001 to 9999. Area, group and serial number contain the whole SSN and can be specially used to identify a person. The current valid group numbers for group number 703 are given below. 703 SSN's issued since 1972 belong to the state of Railroad Board.

703-00-xxxx   703-01-xxxx   703-02-xxxx   703-03-xxxx   703-04-xxxx   703-05-xxxx   703-06-xxxx   703-07-xxxx   703-08-xxxx   703-09-xxxx   703-10-xxxx   703-11-xxxx   703-12-xxxx   703-13-xxxx   703-14-xxxx   703-15-xxxx   703-16-xxxx   703-17-xxxx   703-18-xxxx   703-19-xxxx   703-20-xxxx   703-21-xxxx   703-22-xxxx   703-23-xxxx   703-24-xxxx   703-25-xxxx   703-26-xxxx   703-27-xxxx   703-28-xxxx   703-29-xxxx   703-30-xxxx   703-31-xxxx   703-32-xxxx   703-33-xxxx   703-34-xxxx   703-35-xxxx   703-36-xxxx   703-37-xxxx   703-38-xxxx   703-39-xxxx   703-40-xxxx   703-41-xxxx   703-42-xxxx   703-43-xxxx   703-44-xxxx   703-45-xxxx   703-46-xxxx   703-47-xxxx   703-48-xxxx   703-49-xxxx   703-50-xxxx   703-51-xxxx   703-52-xxxx   703-53-xxxx   703-54-xxxx   703-55-xxxx   703-56-xxxx   703-57-xxxx   703-58-xxxx   703-59-xxxx   703-60-xxxx   703-61-xxxx   703-62-xxxx   703-63-xxxx   703-64-xxxx   703-65-xxxx   703-66-xxxx   703-67-xxxx   703-68-xxxx   703-69-xxxx   703-70-xxxx   703-71-xxxx   703-72-xxxx   703-73-xxxx   703-74-xxxx   703-75-xxxx   703-76-xxxx   703-77-xxxx   703-78-xxxx   703-79-xxxx   703-80-xxxx   703-81-xxxx   703-82-xxxx   703-83-xxxx   703-84-xxxx   703-85-xxxx   703-86-xxxx   703-87-xxxx   703-88-xxxx   703-89-xxxx   703-90-xxxx   703-91-xxxx   703-92-xxxx   703-93-xxxx   703-94-xxxx   703-95-xxxx   703-96-xxxx   703-97-xxxx   703-98-xxxx   703-99-xxxx  
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